Salon FAQs


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Q: Do I have to provide anything to my makeup appointment?

A: No, not at all. All makeup is provided.

Q: I have a certain foundation that I use, can I bring for you to use on me?

A: Yes, you may however please be aware that if you provide your own foundation, it may or may not match your skintone. If it's not a good match, i'll inform you and you can decide if you would like for me to use my foundation instead. 

Q: Is it okay for me to bring my own products (eyeshadow, lashes, glue etc.)

A: Yes you can but the price will remain the same.

Q: How long have you been doing makeup (I get this question all the time lol)?

A: I first got into makeup back in 2012. I decided I wanted a new look and saw an eyebrow tutorial on youtube. While I was watching the video, I remember thinking "I can do this." I went to the store and purchased some products and have been doing makeup on myself every since! That next year in 2013, someone from my church asked me if I could do her makeup for her wedding. I said to her, "I've never done makeup on anyone but myself and if you trust me, I'll do it." I did her makeup and it was a hit. Her and I were talking after church one Sunday and she said to me "Shawanda, I think you should really do this makeup thing." I remember thinking to myself "I'm not going to do no makeup, I'm going to be a doctor." At that time in my life I had just completed my undergrad degree in psychology and was attending NC State to take my prerequisite courses for medical school such as Organic Chem, Calculus, Physics etc. My dream was to become a Psychiatrist. I will never forget as she was telling me this, I felt a tugging at my heart to go down this path and do makeup. At that point in my life, I decided to step out on faith and follow Jesus. I figured I had nothing to lose but everything to gain! I obtained my Esthetician license in 2016 and have been perfecting my craft every since.

Q: How long will my makeup last?

A: I set all of my client's faces really well. Your makeup will last all day until you take it off.

Q: I read in your policies that children aren't allowed. Can I please bring mine?

A: It depends. I understand that things happen and if you ever find yourself in this predicament, please call my salon and i'll work with you. It really depends on my workload for that day.

Q: I have a code from your site for 10% off but I don't know how to apply it towards my service. Can you help?

A: The code you see on my site is for online product purchases only. It isn't valid for salon services.

Q: What is the price for both hair and makeup?

A: Hair pricing is totally separate from my makeup pricing. You will have to contact my stylist directly regarding hair. For makeup pricing, click here .

Q: How do I get an appointment with your hair stylist and where is she located?

A: For hair appointments, please text my stylist Janella at 910-934-7732. Please allow 24 hours for a response. She is located directly next door to my salon at Divine Designz Hair Palace in suite 300.

Q: I would like to get makeup and hair done for my bridal party. How do I schedule appointments for both?

A: If you're wanting to schedule both hair and makeup for your bridal party, please contact stylist Janella first at 910-934-7732 to ensure she has your specific day and time available (she gets booked very quickly). Once you've scheduled your hair appointment, please get in contact with me ASAP by calling my salon 910-333-9637 or by hitting the chat button on this site so that I can see if I have the time available. Once I confirm my availability, each person in your bridal party can either schedule their appointment online or by calling my salon. A deposit is required at time of booking for each person.

Q: Who owns Divine Designz?

A: Divine Designz Cosmetics, Divine Designz Nail Salon and Divine Designz Hair Palace is owned by me (Shawanda Taylor), my mom (Brenda Taylor) and my little sister (Shariesa Taylor). We are a dynamic mother and daughter trio.