Pressed Glitter

Years ago when I first started out doing makeup I could not get a grasp of glitter eye looks. It was such a hassle finding glitter glue for the loose glitter to adhere to on top of all of the fallout I would have to clean up. I also ran the risk of the glitter getting in my client's eye. I then thought to myself "There has to be a better way". At that very moment I decided to come up with a ONE step glitter product. One in which glitter glue or adhesive is not needed for it to adhere, has minimal fallout and is SUPER easy to apply. I also wanted to let my creative side flow and come up with mixes you can't find anywhere else. My pressed glitters are a game changer! Now you can officially say goodbye to loose glitter and hello to pressed glitter! They're creamy, pigmented and can be applied with your fingertips. Shop my collection below!

                                                                                              -Shawanda, CEO