One on One Makeup Classes

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Congratulations on wanting to take your makeup skills to the next level! My One on One classes are designed to help you perfect your skills (if you already have makeup knowledge) or teach you from the ground up (if you're a beginner)! Each class is 100% hands on where I will demonstrate at each step on one side of your face while you practice on the other side. You will learn every step to creating a full face and afterwards I will come up with a signature look for you that can be worn everyday. I will also teach you about skin care and which products are great for your particular skin type.


NEW Look & Learn Makeup Lesson - 1.5 hrs - $100

If hands on isn't really your thing, this lesson is certainly for you! This lesson is 100% demonstration. I will demonstrate and explain each step of your face. This is a full face makeup lesson and it does not come with a kit. I will explain/demonstrate skin prep, how to properly fill in brows/tools needed, how to create an everyday eye look, how to properly apply lashes, how to choose the correct foundation shade, how to properly highlight/contour, blush/lip application.


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Back to Basics (Beginner's only) 2 hrs - $299

This lesson is for those who have very little knowledge about makeup and ready to learn the basic steps of application and proper tool usage. Lesson is 100% hands on. All makeup will be provided.

Lesson comes with a FREE Beauty Box filled with makeup products needed to practice at home.

Box will include (but not limited to):

  • 11 pcs Blend Like a Pro Brush Set

  • Master Your Blending Makeup Sponge

  • Mascara

  • Contour Palette

  • Eyeshadow Palette

  • Makeup Wipes

  • Eyeliner Pencil

  • Blush

  • Foundation brush

Divine Designz cosmetics makeup classes makeup kit

You will learn:

-Key fundamentals and techniques on how to create an everyday look on yourself.
-The importance of Skin prep (cleanser, moisturizer, primer) and what products to use.
-Brow sculpting (how to properly fill in your brows to achieve natural and clean finish. I will also go over the different types of brow products and which one is perfect for your specific brows)
-Simple eyeshadow look (you will learn my super easy two step natural eyeshadow look. I will show you the different colors that will go great with your skin tone and create a simplified look that can be worn everyday).

-Overview on how to apply strip eyelashes (this step is completely optional. You will learn my technique on how to apply strip eyelashes on yourself).
-Proper foundation matching (how to properly find your correct shade and undertone).
-Foundation/concealer/corrector application (if needed, I will teach you all about color correcting and how to effectively mute out darkness/redness along with how to pick out the right concealer for your skin tone and application).
-How to lightly highlight/contour (you will learn the purpose of highlighting and contouring and my beginners friendly technique).
-Blush and lip application

Knowing which tools to use is a key component when learning how to do your makeup. During each step I will go over the proper makeup brushes and tools needed to achieve the final look.

You will leave this class knowing how to do your full face from start to finish in a way that you can understand. This is a beginner's level lesson in which you will learn the basics/foundation of makeup application.

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NEW Glam Makeup Lesson - Makeup 102 - 2hrs - $299

During this lesson you'll learn how to do my signature glitter cut crease along with my signature full face makeup technique! Lesson is 100% hands on. All makeup will be provided. You will receive a kit that includes glitter eyeshadow, brushes, 3D faux mink lashes and more!
You will learn:
-Key fundamentals and techniques on how to create an glam look on yourself.
-Brow sculpting
-Glitter cut crease eye look using my pressed glitter eyeshadows

-How to apply eyelashes
-Foundation/concealer technique/application
-How to highlight/contour
-Blush and how to do an ombre' lip


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Custom Signature Makeup Lesson - 2 hours - $250

During this hands on lesson, you will learn how to create your very own signature ‘go-to’ look on yourself. Your custom signature look can range from natural to glam! It’s a full face look that you wear everyday.
-You will learn techniques on how to create a full face look (without looking cakey or heavy)
-This lesson is fully customizable. Although we will go over all steps to create a full face, we will spend the most time on the areas you would like to work on the most.

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Bring Your Own Makeup (BYOM)- 2.5 hours - $250

Do you have a ton of makeup but don't know how to use it? If your answer is yes, this lesson is for you! This personal makeup lesson is essentially for the woman that wants to learn how to solely use her makeup products and tools. I will show you from start to finish how to create a flawless everyday look on yourself using all of your products and makeup brushes. This lesson is an intuitive hands on experience where you will learn:
-How to create a signature look using your products
-Brow shaping
-Foundation application
-Highlighting/ contouring
-Blending techniques
- Proper tool usage
- Tips and more!
Please be sure to bring your personal makeup to the lesson.

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Refine Your Skills - Refresher Lesson - 1hr 15mins $150

This lesson is for those who have taken one of my one on one lessons in the past and would like to refine their skills. I will focus solely on the areas you have trouble with and/or would like to gain a deeper understanding of.




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Teen Makeup Lesson (12-18 yrs old) - 1.5 hrs $150

This lesson is for teens that want to take their makeup skills to the next level or teach you all about the basics (if you're new to makeup). Lesson is 100% hands on. All makeup will be provided. A mini makeup kit will be given.
You will learn:
-Key fundamentals and techniques on how to create an everyday look on yourself.
-Skin prep
-Brow sculpting
-Simple eye look

-How to easily apply false eyelashes
-Proper foundation matching
-Foundation/concealer application
-How to highlight/contour
-Blush and lip application


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