Monthly Subscription Box FAQs


How much are the subscriptions?

 We have several options: One time purchase (regular box) $35, One time purchase (special edition box) $45, Monthly Subscription (special edition not included) $32.20, Quarterly subscription (regular boxes only) is $136  + FREE shipping, and Special Edition Quarterly is $179 + FREE shipping.

Do you charge sales tax on box subscriptions?

Sales tax will only be applied if you live in the state of NC.

What's the difference between the regular 3 Month subscription and the Special Edition 3 Month subscription?

 If you select our regular 3 Month subscription you will receive a Beauty Box every month for the next three months. If you select our Special Edition 3 Month subscription you will receive a Beauty Box every month for the next three months PLUS a Special Edition box. Instead of receiving three boxes, you will receive FOUR.

Can I cancel my monthly subscription?

Yes, only after the first month. This only applies if you pushed "Subscribe & Save" when purchasing. Please note you do not have an ongoing subscription if you selected the option "One time purchase " at checkout.

I love your subscription service but I have too much product on my hands. Is there anything I can do besides cancelling my subscription?

Yes, absolutely! You have the option of skipping your next delivery and future charges. For example, if your'e going on vacation you can choose to skip that month's delivery. This feature only works if you have an ongoing monthly subscription. It does not work on prepaid subscriptions or if you just made a one time purchase.


Can I cancel my quarterly subscription?

No, our quarterly subscriptions are paid prepaid and therefore cannot be cancelled.


When will I be billed for my monthly subscription?

If you pushed the "Subscribe & Save" button when checking out, you will be billed once you sign up and on the same day in each subsequent month. If you order on the 11th, you will be charged on the 11th of each month. If you made a one time purchase, you will only pay once and that is at the time of your purchase.

Are boxes refundable?

Unfortunately, boxes are not refundable.

How does billing work for the 3 month plans?

If you choose any of our 3 month plans, you card will be billed as soon as you sign up for the full amount. Our 3 month plans do not auto renew. Once subscription expires, if you would like to continue receiving boxes, you will have to renew.


How do I manage my subscription?

In order to manage your monthly subscription you must create a account. Once you create a account, then your subscription will be automatically connected. From there you can edit your information, skip a shipment, cancel a subscription and more.


 What's the cut off date to receive this month box?

 Month by month plan:

In order to receive the current month box you must subscribe by the 15th. This only applies to our regular boxes. Special edition box cut off times will vary. 

3 Month Special Edition plan:

Each quarter there will be a special edition box available to everyone that purchased the special edition subscription. In order to get the boxes in this subscription you must subscribe no later than the 23rd of the second month in the quarter. For example: if you decide to purchase our special edition subscription box for Valentine's Day, you have until February 23rd to purchase that subscription. If you purchase on or before February 23rd, you will then receive the January Box, regular February box, Special Edition box and the March box. If you want to receive your special edition box just in time for Valentine's Day, subscribe no later than January 23rd.

When are boxes shipped?

Boxes are shipped once a month during the week of the 15th. If you purchased a special edition subscription, you will receive two boxes instead one on the week of the 15th.

When will I receive my box?

You will receive your box 3-5 business days after it has been shipped.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at